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By Steph

Well, 4 years of my life have gone by, and that is 4 years that I have been doing this "Year in Review." I figured I would make it a little easier on myself (and the printer), and make it in web page format. So come with me, and see what life has been like for the past 4 years, it will be fun, trust me. ;)

9th Grade (aka my year of "discovery" )
Its not easy transitioning from one school to another, especially in middle school/high school transitions. Its much worse when your stepfather is a drunken bastard who likes to spend his time tormenting you. I was no exception to this, at all. Wayne was a complete idiot. Many of you already know what happened at the end of the year with that... the move and all that other fun stuff.
School was.. interesting. Merging two hideously overpopulated middle schools into one high school brought the total number of kids up to around 1600. Thats a lot of people. The school was overrun by preps and the "ghetto trash wannabe's". I, naturally, did not fit into either of these categories. But, i had some problems with the Goths there. They hated me. Why does it seem like everywhere i go the goths hate me? Its not like i really care, honestly. but i think that if you are supposed to represent a culture that is known for being made fun of by the "normal" people, then perhaps the "normal" people's attitude should be DROPPED from your list. I have met so many snobby "Gothier than Thou " people that it makes me sick. oh well, i'll get over it.
I met this guy named Matt, and we decided to start a band. it was a fun idea, and i wrote one song that i believe got put to music after i moved, it was called "Rebellion on Hennepin." I lost the words in Matt's room.
Jens and I had some really good times together, and i found out that after I moved, it just wasn't the same. While the first two weeks we spent talking like crazy, the last two years i have barely spoken to him at all.
Summer vacation turned into a trip to Massachusetts that I never returned from...

10th Grade(Hopkinton High)

My sophomore year was the first year that I spent in Mass. Aside from being in a school full of PRICKS and snobs (and i believe I have the right to judge them, because they judged me first) it was an okay year. I met many ...interesting.. people there, and this was the beginning of the downfall for me because living with Fiona was not very easy. I began to search for something, anything, anyONE to take out my anger on. Then I met Geoff.
The relationship was okay, I am not going to get into it. I still care about the guy, so i felt I should mention him. It just did not end well, and i began to look for someone else. I began dating Brendan, and you all know how that ended. oh well.
I started listening to Skinny Puppy, and began talking to Evan. I had this major crush on him the previous year, and I did not know him. Surprisingly, we got along very well, and now he is one of my closest friends.
School was alright, the classes were boring, and so were most of the people. As for my friends (most of whose names begin with the letter 'J'), it took a while for me to be "accepted" into Geoff's group, so i had very few friends to begin with.
Art class was my favorite class, as it always had been. In art i met Jason, and we came up with the solution that the markers (sharpies) smelled like cat litter. Mrs. Strangfeld loved my ... art. if you could even call it that. I guess it was not as good as i thought it was. I aced the class though
Downtime: I started an Animal Rights Club, where we made posters depicting our motto: no cruelty to animals. Eventually the idea turned out to be a waste of time, so we began to have wheelie chair races in the writing lab. It was obvious that we were eventually going to get kicked out, so we migrated down to the Cable Studio.
Andy was awesome for letting us use the studio, and he even taught the guys some stuff about production and editing, and all that fun stuff i wasted my time with the year before. We hid Jared's football, and found some barbed wire behind the school (i still have it). The studio was used for my illegal copying of movies, like Suspiria.
I moved again at the end of the year, but this is the only YIR that i have saved so:

11th Grade

I moved to a town that is about 20 miles away from Hopkinton, and i made the observation that it is much better than being 1000+ miles away from people
I had to deal with another art teacher that suffers from senility, but she was better than mrs. Mc. There was no animal rights program, and since I did not wish to waste my time with it again, it stayed that way. I also had to take another computer course, but that ended up being alright, since by the end of the year mr adams left me alone.
Columbine High School shootings left people scared, and this means they were scared of me as well. I won't get into that.
There really isn't anything worth remembering in this year, except for maybe a fear factory concert or two. But I will not be getting into that at this time, for it just brings back memories that will inevitably be blabbed to someone else, so i refuse to think about it. Under any other circumstances, i would probably do it again, just with someone else. No offense to those guys or anything, but i was going through really bad times.

12th Grade "i wish i want to stay here"

My senior year went by way too fast. I will start with Weather class because Chris was the man, and Geometry deserves a much bigger section, and also because my relationship section ties in with the work section.. kinda. Chris and I spent so much time mocking the class, and talking when Mr Gaddis was talking that i thought we were both going to be thrown out. Spork and Foil reconciled their differences, and now are allied to control the universe. Weather was over way too fast, and i found myself wishing to stay in it. It was much better than mr bowes anyway.
I promised Adam that i would devote as much time to this section as i possibly could, and it looks like i will have tons of time for it. Geometry class was so incredibly random, I know mr Suro is looking for us to leave. I learned a bunch of things, not one of them is related to Geometry in any way :) I will just make a list. :P
Mexican Death Grip
This happened the first week. Mr suro was trying to explain what a plane looked like. He used his first, pinky, and thumb fingers to demonstrate this. It ended up looking like the devil sign. SO we began laughing at him, we even drew pictures of him giving us the Mexican Death Grip
Dead Bird
I did not really wish to learn this much about dead birds. Apparently there was this bird that had flown into the window, and broke its neck, therefore it fell to the ground with its wings sprawled out. This would have been cool, if there had not been thousands of pens, pencils, and pen caps surrounding the bird. The Dead Bird began to take on a new identity to us, it became what we centered having a good day in geometry around. Yup, they took the bird away after half a year. This depressed all of us.
Everything Else.... Just RIP IT
You walk into our geometry class and see paper planes flying around, an exasperated teacher at the front of the room, and Adam and I in the back, screaming "RIP IT!" This was normal, one day Adam walked into the room and threw his bag down. He looked at me and said "rip it," of course this meant nothing to me at first, but then he mentioned that his brother likes to kick the dog in the middle of the night and scream "rip it!". After that it became our catch phrase.
A,:3.14 means Nymphokeadyte
You know how boredeom is, one day you are pulling cheesy catch phrases out of every orifice, and the next you can't think of anything witty to say at all. I myself know what this is like, especially with Geometry. It was one of those days where mr Suro had had enough of us, and told us to do our own thing. Adam, Dan, and I were sitting around trying to come up with something that would make us laugh. We got on the subject of Jerry Springer, and somehow White trash, nyphomaniacs, feminazis, hermaphrodites, and Eskimos got in the conversation. SO we decided to combine all of them thus the word "nymphokeadyte" it stands for everything and everyONE to grace the stage of Jerry Springer. :)
This randomness spawned much more randomness, and made for some interesting pictures, now i will just list some of them, and not bother to explain them, for it is too hard to do. Something about a zamboni? and penguins? what does Maryland have to do with anything? gluesticks? read on:
Window 9 [9]x
A < sqrt 24i+9
pi fish
walking two by fours
Florida (chicken legs)
Ten Rulers
Dan at his house
Ice Cream cones
Matt Plainte's Dignity
aaaand thats about it. if you wanna know more, then ask.

Relationships and Working with Morons
I quit my job at Burger King shortly after i got my drivers license and was able to drive myself around. I acquired a job working at the Solomon Pond mall, not in Hot Topic, that was later, but in Suncoast, selling movies to the worn-out population of massachusetts. They were all morons, every single one of them. I hate morons.
so, one day i was walking in to work, and i saw this guy at the counter, his name was Matt, and although i had promised myself that i would not go for another relationship after that crap with Adam, i found myself thinking about Matt constantly. I only worked with him a couple times, but during those times i realized i wanted to be with him more and more, every time I saw him. Then one night we walked out into the parking lot, and he decided it would be a good idea for him to see if he could pick me up. I almost kissed him right there, but i was way too scared, so i waited. We went out a couple weeks later, on January 1st, and have been together ever since.
Since i was just a temp at suncoast, i was sent away, and i spent 2 weeks working at a supermarket. Morons. I hate people, and i hated that job more, but my manager George calls me and asks if i want to work at greendale. I took the Job and now i am a floor manager.
I am gonna stop now

People who made a difference over the years
Jens, Natasha, Meghan, Matt C (respect..walk), Jeremy, Dave, Evan, Jason (drano), Stacey, Jim, Jay (kiss my ... nose), Geoff, Jeff, Scotty, Dan, Craig, Dana (he pole dances quite well), Amy, Amanda, Jess (that time we raced home from st. johns), Richard, the other richard (i am giving you that look again), Jon, Adam (hey that window is open over there), Brian, Ryan, Bill, Bolliver (i can't remember your whole nickname), Dave (dun dun dun.. mario sounds), the other Jay, and if i forgot you, insert name here_______________________.
I saved Matt for last, because he has made the biggest difference in my life. Matt, I love you, I never want to lose you, and i would be lost without you.

YIR Senior Edition was written on a very long night by Steph/Cyanx


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